Storage Shed Envy

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Storage Shed Envy

She bought a storage shed, had it delivered to her back yard, decorated it into a She Shed, and paid for it with a rent-to-own plan. Now she is having “girls night” every Friday with her friends and having so much fun that it’s finally happened to me. Jealousy. Not exactly over the girlfriends. Not exactly over their sangria and bonfires. I am filled She Shed envy. She got hers at Carolina Storage Solutions, and I think I should as well!

They are out there now, watching a chick flick. Alright, I admit, if it was my Man Cave, I’d be watching the game with the guys and having a cold one, instead. But still…she’s got a She Shed and all I’ve got is this old recliner that is so old it hasn’t sat straight in years.

She wanted to have a birthday cookout for me at her new She Shed, but I absolutely drew the line at that. She asked why I wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon in a brand new getaway that has a comfortable couch and doors that open to let in a cross breeze? (She talks like a poet.) It wouldn’t be so bad, I grumpily admitted to her, but secretly I knew that the problem was still there. Shed envy. It’s her special retreat, not mine. I’d feel like I was intruding. I really need my own place like hers.

I looked at my own back yard. It’s plenty big enough to hold a Man Cave. I think I’d get mine bigger than hers, just to one-up her. Yeah, and then we could have a little competition to see who can host the best backyard cookout. Hands down, it’ll be me because I’m the best grill chef in the South. I won’t challenge her on it, though, until she’s finished decorating my Man Cave, though. She won’t see that one coming, for sure! Summer is about to get competitive.

Carolina Storage Solutions has the biggest selection of storage sheds and storage barns (aka She Sheds, or in my case, Man Caves) in the Southeast, and that’s why they’ve delivered more than anyone else. I know a good deal when I see it, which is why I’m going to take advantage of their rent-to-own payment plan. It just makes sense to get a Man Cave without breaking the budget. I suggest you do the same!

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Nearly Double Your Garage Space by Choosing a Loft Style!

Carolina Storage Solutions modular garage

Double Your Garage Space by Choosing a Loft Style!

Want to practically double your garage storage space? Of Course! Carolina Storage Solution’s simple answer is their board and batten modular garage with a full loft. The customization packages alone are worth investigating, but once you see this high-quality structure for yourself, you’ll want one! Check it all out online today!

A loft garage is smart use of space.

Most people have a limited amount of land on which they can find adequate garage or storage space. Going “up” and a garage with a raised roof is the answer. Think about it. You need a sheltered place to park both your family cars. That’s a given. But what if you had space above the cars for storage, a home-based business, craft studio, Man Cave or fill-in-the-blank? You would have a lot more square footage at your disposal without losing another inch of your back yard. After all, the garage is already there. You’re only climbing a few steps to another wide, open space to use as you will.

A loft garage is smart use of money.

You could buy a regular garage just for cars, and the story ends there. It’s smart money already, because you’re protecting your vehicles from weather and UV light damage. Not to mention the fact that our garages are built to last with quality materials. That’s another way to see this decision as a smart money one. Prep work required for a two-car garage, such as cement flooring on top of professionally graded gravel, is the same as what’s needed for a garage with a loft option. So use that site prep budget wisely by choosing a garage with a raised roof, and reap much more bang for the buck.

A raised roof garage is smart ergonomics.

You don’t have to use the garage’s loft for a small business, although it makes ergonomic sense because you’ve got an inexpensive business location on your property. No, a loft garage will also give you efficient use of time and energy at home. Imagine the garage’s loft organized with clearly labeled boxes of off-season clothing, Christmas décor or summer yard games. You don’t have to tear up every closet in your house to find the items you need. Simply go to the loft and there it is! This is Home Ergonomics 101.

Simply put, you get smart space, money and ergonomics by choosing a modular garage with a loft. With an incredible variety of options like building styles, colors and windows/doors, you can customize your new modular garage to suit your needs perfectly. Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, can help. Give them a call today!

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Alternative Uses for Prefabricated Sheds, Garages & Barns

External Man Cave

Man Cave: Turn a Storage Shed into a Get Away Cabin

Move aside, cluttered storage shed. You’ve just been upgraded to a new and exciting alternative use. People today want to get the biggest bang for their buck, and finding alternative uses for modular sheds, garages and barns is a current trend. Fortunately, Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, can help you create an interesting use of space because they’ve delivered more barns and sheds than anyone else in the area. Give them a call today to find out more.


Stand Alone Sheds. Come on, don’t just toss your out-of-season stuff into a shed and forget about it until the change of seasons. You have other options! Think outside the storage shed box. Do you need a place for your hobbies? How about an organized garden or potting shed? How about a weatherproof place for firewood, lawn equipment or summer hydrocraft? A storage shed can be so much more than an enclosed miniature junk yard. Once you’ve assess your storage needs, then you can customize the shed’s options to suit your needs perfectly.


Prefabricated Garages. Most people see a garage as merely a place to keep the vehicle out of the weather. Sure, that’s great. But with so many improvements in customization packages these days, people are beginning to use prefab garages for workshops as well. Why? Because they’re big enough to store bulky supplies like lumber or oversized mechanic’s toolboxes, as well as provide the needed space to actually do the work you want. It’s all about organization and wise use of money.


Modular Barns. Although a prefab barn is perfect for livestock, they can also be customized to meet your needs for a private movie theater, Man Cave or She Shed. Perhaps you would prefer to install a few sound panels for a music studio. It’s the perfect place for your band to practice without disturbing the whole house. Or you could have an art/craft studio!

Customizations like size, shape, roof style, interior and exterior materials and colors are only the beginning of your options. You can choose different door and window styles, and even have ramps installed for ease of access. Let these possibilities get your creative juices flowing. You’ve got endless potential and Carolina Storage Solutions can help make your alternative uses for storage sheds, garages and modular barns become reality. Check them out online today!

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Dreams on a Budget Rent-to-Own Modular Horse Barn

Modular Horse Barn. Prefabricated Horse Barns

Dreams on a Budget Rent-to-Own Modular Horse Barn

Your little girl is growing up, and is ready to trade in stuffed animals for a horse of her own. If you want to turn this dream into reality, but aren’t sure how you can afford it, rest easy. Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, has the answer. Choose a beautiful modular horse barn and couple it with our rent-to-own payment plan!

Prefabricated Horse Barns are already smart, budget-friendly options because they are built in our factory out of high quality materials by carpenters who are specialized in prefab construction. We’re talking fast and efficient, which saves you money from the beginning.

But what about the reality of your monthly budget? We’ve got you covered.

Affordable. Unemployment, inflation and personal income waxes and wanes. By choosing to take advantage of our rent-to-own plan, you’ll be able to afford a cool horse barn or shed because your monthly payment doesn’t change no matter how the stock market spins.

Easy to Qualify. Our rent-to-own payment plan is an in-house and same day service, so less than perfect credit isn’t an issue. Boom! Your little girl is already on her way to enjoying an awesome horse in a great modular barn, and you will have payments you can afford.

Build Equity. Most people pay exorbitant boarding fees for as long as they own their horses. That’s throwing money down the drain. Putting a prefab barn on your own property saves those boarding fees, and adds value to your property. Because rent-to-own is very affordable for your monthly budget and our modular buildings add to property value, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Speed. You’re looking at weeks instead of months to have your new modular barn or shed delivered and put to use. This isn’t exactly a benefit of rent-to-own financing, but it’s facilitated by it, therefore definitely worth considering.

Choosing our rent-to-own plan isn’t limited to horse barns for children. You can use our in-house financing for prefab garages, storage sheds, hobby shops, or even a Man Cave or She Shed. Paying in full at the time of purchase is financially painful, which is why so many people choose rent-to-own. Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, is the area’s number one company for rent-to-own modular barns, garages and sheds. Check out our many floor plans online today!

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The Benefits of Renting to Own a Garage Office for Business

Turn a Storage Shed in to an Affordable Home Office!

Turn a Storage Shed in to an Affordable Home Office!

Business is picking up in the Asheville-Hendersonville, NC area, but real estate is a high premium. You’ve got a small business running out of your home, but it’s not the professional appearance you need. Your business has grown to where you need a “real” office space, but you don’t want to pay exorbitant rental fees every month. What can you do? The answer could be to rent-to-own a storage shed or garage and turn it into a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing office space on your own property. Carolina Storage Solutions has been helping small business owners do just that for years and can help you as well.

There are some really great advantages of choosing rent-to-own for your business!

Money. You need to make your business as profitable as possible. You can throw away a giant chunk of profits every month by renting an office space located in an obscure hallway of an outdated strip mall, or you could save money with a modular garage or upscale storage shed conveniently located outside your back door. You can choose the floor plan and amenities packages that are perfect for your office needs without breaking the budget.

Time. Let’s say your business needs to move out of your house or current rental very soon. Our rent-to-own qualifications are pretty simple, which means you can be approved as soon as you finalize the upgrades and amenities needed for your new office. We’re talking same day, folks.

Also, renting-to-own means you’ll own the building. You’ll have something to show for the money spent, unlike traditional office space rentals.

Convenience. You have a business to run. Do you really want to go all over town, looking at prospective office sites and haggling with building owners over repairs, pricing and contract negotiations? Instead, you could have the garage, storage shed or barn that your business needs, ordered and delivered quickly. Add in our handy rent-to-own payments and you’ve got an “aah” moment.

Modular or prefabricated storage sheds, garages and horse barns can make perfect business offices, especially when coupled with our simple rent-to-own payment plan. It’s really quite convenient. You get the benefits of smart use of time, wise money budgeting, and multi-faceted conveniences, all on an affordable budget. What’s not to love? Let Carolina Storage Solutions, conveniently located near Asheville-Hendersonville, NC, help you upgrade your business into a gorgeous modular unit today!

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Tiny Homes the New American Dream

Modular barns sheds, garages

Tiny Homes the New American Dream

Move aside oversized houses with gargantuan mortgages. People are choosing to fulfill their American Dreams by moving into prefab garages, sheds or barns customized into Tiny Homes. It’s one of the most interesting and affordable trends we’ve seen in the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Carolina Storage Solutions takes the concept a step farther, by offering rent-to-own financing. Is an “American Dream Tiny Home” for you? We’ve included a few financial tidbits below.

Avoid Debt. Tiny Homes from prefabricated garages, sheds or barns cost a fraction of their traditionally-sized counterparts. People are tired of upside-down mortgages and having to maintain large homes. Sometimes the simpler life is also cheaper. Most families today devote at least 50% of their income to housing. Tiny Home dwellers have no mortgage at all. That would feel like doubling your salary!

Lower your debt habit by embracing a tiny garage house lifestyle. After all, you must choose your possessions carefully because of space issues. This translates to less spending, less debt.

Lower Overhead. Tiny Homes customized from modular barns, garages or sheds are much cheaper to heat and cool, so your utility bills will be shockingly low. Also consider lowered property taxes, and less maintenance. Because you’ll have less storage space, even your grocery bill will go down because you simply can’t hoard as much food. This frees up even more discretionary money.

Redefine the American Dream. Instead of embracing a top heavy lifestyle of signing for a mortgage that will take most of your life to pay off, consider living debt free instead. Moving into a modular garage outfitted as a Tiny Home may be the best decision you’ll ever make. You’ll end up with more spending money. Perhaps this would translate to more Caribbean cruises, a college education, or paying cash for a new car or to start a business.

Rent-to-Own. A final consideration is in-house financing for your Tiny Garage Home. We want to help you get into your Tiny House quickly, with our rent-to-own program. It’s easy to qualify, and you’ll be decorating your own Tiny Home before you know it.

Carolina Storage Solutions is your go-to company for using a prefab garage, storage shed or barn as a Tiny Home. We’ve delivered more prefabs than anyone else in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area. Visit our display lot or website for more information.

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Turning a Prefabricated Garage into a Tiny Home

Asheville Prefabricated Garage

Turning a Prefabricated Garage into a Tiny Home

The newest trend in the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area is to create affordable housing by turning a prefabricated barn, shed or garage into a “Tiny Home.” Why? Because couples today spend at least 50% of their household income for housing. Enter Tiny Houses! But is it really for you? Carolina Storage Solutions, the trusted company that has delivered more barns, sheds and garages than anyone else in the Southeast, has answers!

Cozy Lifestyle. A lot of homes in this area are about 2000 square feet. Tiny Homes are closer to the 400 square feet. If the minimalist attitude of less to maintain appeals to you, then a Tiny Garage House might be perfect.

Pare down your belongings to things you actually use. Note what you actually use, versus what you are unintentionally hoarding. This takes a little time. Plan for it.

Analyze Your Needs. Do you use all four eyes on the stove, or would two suffice? Do you bake full sized casseroles, or use a toaster oven? Chances are you don’t really need much kitchen. Do you lounge on the bed? A garage with a sleeping loft would give you a private lounging area without losing a dining area for guests.

Design your new Tiny Garage Home around the lifestyle you have, not what you think you could tolerate. For example, if you use that 55-gallon tea pitcher every day, you should keep it. If you have hobbies that take up space, you’ll likely need a Man Cave or She Shed as well.

Floor Plans 101. Using a prefabricated garage for your Tiny Home takes care of external dimensions. Now you need to sketch the internal design. Don’t forget to measure your furniture, allow walking space and floor space for laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, trash cans, etc.

We’re assuming you have land for your Garage Tiny Home, and have the appropriate septic, well and other permits. Now it’s time to choose the garage, shed or barn.

Prep the Site and Order It. You’ll need to have a professional help you get ready for your new home, including foundation/graders, utilities, electricians, plumbers. When you’re ready, order your little home.

You can join the newest craze in the Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area of turning a prefab garage, storage shed or barn into your own Tiny Home. Carolina Storage Solutions is your go-to company for answers. Give us a call today!

The newest trend in the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area is to create affordable housing by turning a prefabricated barn, shed or garage into a “Tiny Home.”

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Prefabricated Garages Quality Delivered to Your Door

Board & Batten Modular Garage

Board & Batten Modular Garage with Full Loft

So you’ve been researching prefab garages, but have questions. You need space for the car or maybe for an alternative use such as a home office or craft studio, but is a modular garage right for you? Taking a closer look at the high quality of prebuilt garages can help you make this decision. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more garages to North and South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia than anyone else. Anywhere in the Southeast, we’ve got you covered.

Indoor Factory Built. Our modular garages are built almost 100% indoors. This means the lumber and other materials are stored inside, safe from the weather. The lumber isn’t sitting outside, warping with rain and heat from the sun. And it won’t be shrinking on you, buckling your garage.

Prefab garages are also designed to be stronger than traditional stick built ones because they need to withstand delivery. You get higher factory standards than if you built a similar style garage yourself.

Fast Turn-Around Time. Our factory carpenters have all the materials they’ll need for your modular garage on hand. No one has to stop production and run to the hardware store because they ran out of nails or forgot to buy roofing shingles. They won’t have to stop because of inclement weather, either, because the factory is indoors.

Most of our prefab garages arrive to your prepared site in a couple of weeks after your order is placed. You can’t get that kind of turn around to completion with a traditionally built one. Although speed isn’t a common aspect to defining quality, it’s certainly an important one when considering the reasons to go with a modular garage, and why we included it.

Bottom Line. Modular garages generally run about 40% less expensive than a stick built one because our carpenters are a specialized team with streamlined work to get your garage built efficiently. They know what they’re doing because building prefab garages is their forte. When you combine the highest quality construction available in a factory setting with a less expensive total bill, you will see that prefabricated garages are the obvious answer you’ve been seeking.

Carolina Storage Solutions specializes in getting prefab or modular garages delivered to your door. Serving the Southeast, we’ve delivered more prebuilt garages to folks like you than anyone else in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. We’d love to help you as well.

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Need Help Choosing the Right Modular Garage?

Modular Garage
Modular garages come in three basic forms: wood, metal and vinyl. Deciding which modular garage is right for you doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, has delivered more prebuilt garages than anyone else. We are here to help you wade through the options so you’ll know you’re getting the best one for your needs.
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Prefabricated Garages – Smart Money

Asheville NC  Prefabricated Garages

Prefabricated Garages

Choosing prefabricated garages, whether they’re for workshops or a car garages are a better choice than traditionally built garages. Why? Because you get equally high quality with less time and money. No one in the Southeast has delivered more prefabricated garages to Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia than Carolina Storage Solutions. We want to help you make an informed decision about getting your own car garage.
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