Metal Garages Are for More than Just Cars

Although many people see a metal garage as nothing more than an ordinary carport, think outside the box. Metal garages can give you precious extra space for…well, whatever you need. Because metal garages are available in a huge variety of styles and sizes, there’s sure to be one to suit your tastes and needs. Here are some interesting alternative uses we’ve seen for steel garages.

Hobby Home. Some hobbies don’t really need to be kept inside your house, especially the messy ones like pottery and woodworking. A metal garage would offer a convenient, sheltered alternative. No more wood dust on the kitchen countertops or paint on the hardwood floors!

Mechanic’s Workshop. There’s a longstanding joke about the wife coming in from work to find a transmission in the bathtub. Keep your love of all things mechanical in a workshop. It’ll make life easier with the Missus, we promise.

Music Studio. How many of us formed (very) amateur rock bands as teenagers? It’s a wonder our parents’ ears weren’t bleeding from all that enthusiastic, but untalented, music. Now that your own kids are into a cacophony of music, save yourself a migraine and turn a metal garage into a music studio. You can customize the building with sound panels, add windows for natural light, extra electrical outlets to make it just right.

Man Cave. Sometimes a man needs a place to call your own, outside the confines of the house proper. A Man Cave is where we men can hang our deer heads, kick back and watch the game with buddies. A metal garage would work perfectly. And ladies need She Sheds to do…well whatever it is women do when they get together. Talk, mostly.

Home Office. Don’t throw away money renting office space in town, when you can turn a steel garage into a comfortable home office, complete with great windows, hinged doors, insulation, heat and AC. Clients will love your new office!

Whatever your needs are for additional space, metal garages will help. If cash is tight, consider taking advantage of rent-to-own payment plans to get the building you need on an affordable budget. Carolina Storage Solutions can help get the garage you need, delivered right to your door. We serve the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Give us a call today for more information!

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I Turned a Prefabricated Garage into a Workshop – and Saved Our Marriage

Prefabricated Garage

I Turned a Prefabricated Garage into a Workshop – and Saved Our Marriage

I love fixing things, from small engines to repairing wooden furniture. I enjoy figuring out how to make things work again. I even enjoy creating new things like furniture. Not to brag, but my Adirondack set on the porch is pretty sweet. I even like tying flies in the winter while watching football. Who wouldn’t? I turned a prefabricated garage into a workshop – and saved our marriage.

My wife. That’s who wouldn’t. Whenever I’d bring projects into the living room, like a carburetor to inspect while watching the game, she’d start out with a huffy attitude and proceed to generally stomp around, slamming doors. I’ve always been careful about tracking shop grease into the house or scratching the tabletop. I simply want to work on a small project and enjoy the TV at the same time. But it wasn’t enough.

Eventually my caveman habits, as she called them (when she was being nice) began affecting our marriage. I realized it wasn’t not her; it was me. How could I keep doing my handyman repairs without driving my wife nuts? I loved her (still do) and wanted to make things better.

The solution came in the form of a lost wrench. It was my own fault, because I had tools in the garage, laundry closet, bathroom sink cabinet, even in my sock drawer. They’d multiplied over the years and needed a better place for storage than anywhere and everywhere.

The remedy? I bought a prefabricated storage shed and had it delivered to our back yard. I had to do a little prep work to get ready for it, which was right down my alley. My wife chose the color of the shed to match the house, and I had an electrician buddy connect it to the house breaker panel. Now I’ve got a new workshop with toolboxes for all my tools, shelving and countertop space, windows for natural light and plenty of electrical outlets for my power tools. I’ve even got air conditioning!

And the games? My wife bought me a nice TV for the shop, so I can watch the game and fix things without dirtying the house. It’s a win-win situation, and we’re both happier for it. Marriage saved.

You should consider turning a prefabricated storage shed into your own workshop. They’re delivered to your back yard and Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, has rent-to-own that makes it easy on your wallet. What are you waiting for? Call them.

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July is National Dog Kennel Repair Month

July is National Dog Kennel Repair Month

July is National Dog Kennel Repair Month

Since July is National Doghouse Repair Month, maybe it’s time to take another look at dog kennels. There are many advantages to owning one, but is it right for you? Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered dog kennels all around the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area and would like to help you get Fido the right dog house as well. Call them today.

If your dog makes your yard look like a pack of gophers have moved in, and strolling in the grass has become an ankle-spraining hazard, it’s time to investigate a better way to control your pet. Tying him to a chain so he’ll destroy only one corner of the yard isn’t the answer and some people consider that a cruel lifestyle. What should you do?

Americans spent well over 50 Billion dollars last year on pets, and a large majority of that was on dogs, which still reign as the nation’s favorite. Americans view their pets as family members, and love to provide treats, comfy beds, regular check-ups, and lots of attention. Having a dog kennel is part of this provision, and choosing the right one really depends on how much time Fido spends outside. (Some breeds, puppies and older or sickly dogs are ill-suited for outdoor living.)

Although some pet owners always keep their dogs inside, we’re talking about situations where that isn’t really feasible. A cozy kennel from Carolina Storage Solutions will provide protection from the elements, shade from summer’s heat, protection from biting winds of winter, and a den for comfortable sleep.

Much better than a tarp thrown over a chain-link fence, today’s dog kennels are an appealing blend of beauty and function. They are ruggedly designed and include housing with doggie-door access to a fenced run. Beautifully designed to match most neighborhoods, these kennels are customizable with a huge selection of designs and sizes, exterior paint colors, roofing options, doors and windows. You can choose dimensions according to the breed, house one or multiple dogs (side-by-side housing and runs). You can even customize with an electrical package and choose door and window styles that blend well with your own home.

Dog kennels are a great way to provide compassionate housing for your dog, plus increase your property value. They can be delivered to your prepared site by Carolina Storage Solutions, of the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area. Give them a call today for details!

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Advantages of A Carport

Advantages of A Carport

Advantages of A Carport

The advantages of having a carport delivered to your door include more than protecting your automobile from the elements. Think outside the box! Carports have all kinds of uses and Carolina Storage Solutions can help you realize them. Serving Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, they are your best choice for carports. Call them today for more information.

Carport for Automobile Safety.

Ever noticed how red cars tend to fade to orange over time? It’s caused by sunlight. A carport can help protect your car (any color) from sunlight, as well as from winter weather, rain and hail. They are also a safe place to store your watercraft, motorcycle or ATV.

Using a carport can also help prevent vandalism because intruders are less likely to enter the protection of a sheltered area so close to home. Carports also offer convenience for parking close to your home, instead of on the street. There’s a measure of safety in that, as well.

Use a Carport for Outdoor Living.

With a picnic table under the carport and a couple of comfortable chairs, you immediately have additional living space. They provide a safe area for young children to play, shade for adults to sit and converse. Think of them as outdoor porches, and your summer entertaining just added a new dimension. Twinkle lights, anyone? Let the cookout begin!

Convenience and Organization.

Most carports don’t have doors, which makes unloading groceries convenient. Unlike attached garages, carports save on energy, which we classify as a convenience to your wallet. Also, if you choose a carport with walls, you can install shelving for storing tools and other items.

Carports Increase Curb Appeal.

Because they add beauty, convenience and virtually unlimited outdoor usage, homes with carports have a considerable advantage over homes without them. You could be enjoying the benefits of owning a high-quality carport, all the while knowing that it’s also increasing the curb appeal of your home, should you decide to sell.

Carports add beauty to your home through a wide variety of traditional, as well as alternate uses. Considered to be a new trend in outdoor living, they are very affordable, built of the highest quality materials, and are delivered to your prepared site. It’s a win-win idea. Carolina Storage Solutions is your go-to company in the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area for carports. Give them a call for more information!

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Common Uses for a Gazebo

Common Uses for a Gazebo

Common Uses for a Gazebo

A gazebo is a great way to add enjoyment to your back yard, whether it’s a personal sanctuary or for entertainment. Gazebos can be delivered to your prepared site quickly. They’re affordable, especially with rent-to-own options. Serving the Asheville and Hendersonville, NC area, Carolina Storage Solutions is the best choice for buying a gazebo. Call them today!

A Private Gazebo Retreat

Whether you work from home or in the city, chances are you need a place to recharge and enjoy some fresh air. We live in beautiful mountains. You’re likely to have great scenery right outside your door. If you’re like most people, however, you aren’t going to go stand in your yard, hands on hips, to enjoy it. You need a beautiful gazebo!

Imagine sitting on a comfortable swing, a cold beverage in your hands, and a bubbling Koi pond to your side, beautifully landscaped with aquatic foliage and stepping stones. There’s a cooling summer breeze fingering through your hair. The troubles of your day are melting away as you relax in your new gazebo. This fairytale could be yours if you only had a gazebo.

Outdoor Entertainment Gazebo

Summer is the season for entertaining friends outside. A gazebo would make any gathering special because it gives you a great setting for back yard fun, and protection from the sun. Visualize a cookout with friends, laughter and companionship becoming the essence the evening as everyone lounges in comfortable patio furniture under the roof of your gazebo.

If you already have a deck, consider adding a gazebo to the end. It’d be convenient to use, add incredible charm to your home, and be a wonderful place to entertain friends, watch the sunset or simply have al fresco dining.

House Your Hot Tub with a Gazebo

This would offer you more privacy, and protect your hot tub from the elements. We suggest you use a flat concrete base to support the weight of the filled tub, plus people. Choose a gazebo that’s bigger than the tub so six people (average) can comfortably use it, as well as give you space for servicing the tub.

Having a gazebo delivered to your prepared site is very easy with Carolina Storage Solutions, of Asheville and Hendersonville, NC. They even have a rent-to-own plan that will help you enjoy your gazebo on a budget. Give them a call today for more information!

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Man Cave Possibly Saved Our Marriage

External Man Cave

Man Cave: Turn a Storage Shed into a Get Away Cabin

With Carolina Storage Solutions’ rent-to-own plan, my husband was able to buy a storage shed and turn it into a Man Cave. They delivered it to our prepared site, and that was all well and good. Now he spends time every day immediately after work in his Man Cave. Is that a bad thing?

First of all, I acknowledge that every man needs time and space to be a man. My husband is no different. He likes to go to his Man Cave as a personal retreat. He can eat what he wants (I eat salads; he likes pizza.) He can listen to his own music, which is very different from my favorite, classical. It’s a place where a man can be, well, a man.

He used to zone out all the time when I was talking to him. It drove me nuts. Turns out he just needed time to think, not necessarily about my topics. Just to kind of mentally be alone. It wasn’t personal; it was just the way he’s made. The Man Cave gives him this. When I learned to give him the time he needed to be alone, he came back to me refreshed, ready to actually hear me.

We used to bicker about his projects, too. He was always fixing some smelly motor or yard tool, sometimes disassembling a weed trimmer in the garage, bringing some of the parts to replace at the kitchen table. It drove me nuts. Now he takes all his projects to the Man Cave. He’s happy. I’m happy. It’s a win-win situation.

Storage Sheds can be delivered to your prepared site, and Carolina Storage Solutions’ unique rent-to-own payment plan can get the ball rolling quickly, with minimal impact on your monthly budget. You’ll get more than his repair projects out of the garage. You’ll have a happier husband as well. He’ll have a private place where he can be a man, to think, to tinker with his tools, eat junk food, and even hang out with his buddies. It’s a place for him to hit his personal reset. When he steps foot into your mutual domain, your home, he’ll be a better husband and father. At least that’s what I’ve found and hope the same for you. Get him a storage shed and turn it into a Man Cave!

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Storage Shed Envy

Asheville Storage Sheds

Storage Shed Envy

She bought a storage shed, had it delivered to her back yard, decorated it into a She Shed, and paid for it with a rent-to-own plan. Now she is having “girls night” every Friday with her friends and having so much fun that it’s finally happened to me. Jealousy. Not exactly over the girlfriends. Not exactly over their sangria and bonfires. I am filled She Shed envy. She got hers at Carolina Storage Solutions, and I think I should as well!

They are out there now, watching a chick flick. Alright, I admit, if it was my Man Cave, I’d be watching the game with the guys and having a cold one, instead. But still…she’s got a She Shed and all I’ve got is this old recliner that is so old it hasn’t sat straight in years.

She wanted to have a birthday cookout for me at her new She Shed, but I absolutely drew the line at that. She asked why I wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon in a brand new getaway that has a comfortable couch and doors that open to let in a cross breeze? (She talks like a poet.) It wouldn’t be so bad, I grumpily admitted to her, but secretly I knew that the problem was still there. Shed envy. It’s her special retreat, not mine. I’d feel like I was intruding. I really need my own place like hers.

I looked at my own back yard. It’s plenty big enough to hold a Man Cave. I think I’d get mine bigger than hers, just to one-up her. Yeah, and then we could have a little competition to see who can host the best backyard cookout. Hands down, it’ll be me because I’m the best grill chef in the South. I won’t challenge her on it, though, until she’s finished decorating my Man Cave, though. She won’t see that one coming, for sure! Summer is about to get competitive.

Carolina Storage Solutions has the biggest selection of storage sheds and storage barns (aka She Sheds, or in my case, Man Caves) in the Southeast, and that’s why they’ve delivered more than anyone else. I know a good deal when I see it, which is why I’m going to take advantage of their rent-to-own payment plan. It just makes sense to get a Man Cave without breaking the budget. I suggest you do the same!

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Nearly Double Your Garage Space by Choosing a Loft Style!

Carolina Storage Solutions modular garage

Double Your Garage Space by Choosing a Loft Style!

Want to practically double your garage storage space? Of Course! Carolina Storage Solution’s simple answer is their board and batten modular garage with a full loft. The customization packages alone are worth investigating, but once you see this high-quality structure for yourself, you’ll want one! Check it all out online today!

A loft garage is smart use of space.

Most people have a limited amount of land on which they can find adequate garage or storage space. Going “up” and a garage with a raised roof is the answer. Think about it. You need a sheltered place to park both your family cars. That’s a given. But what if you had space above the cars for storage, a home-based business, craft studio, Man Cave or fill-in-the-blank? You would have a lot more square footage at your disposal without losing another inch of your back yard. After all, the garage is already there. You’re only climbing a few steps to another wide, open space to use as you will.

A loft garage is smart use of money.

You could buy a regular garage just for cars, and the story ends there. It’s smart money already, because you’re protecting your vehicles from weather and UV light damage. Not to mention the fact that our garages are built to last with quality materials. That’s another way to see this decision as a smart money one. Prep work required for a two-car garage, such as cement flooring on top of professionally graded gravel, is the same as what’s needed for a garage with a loft option. So use that site prep budget wisely by choosing a garage with a raised roof, and reap much more bang for the buck.

A raised roof garage is smart ergonomics.

You don’t have to use the garage’s loft for a small business, although it makes ergonomic sense because you’ve got an inexpensive business location on your property. No, a loft garage will also give you efficient use of time and energy at home. Imagine the garage’s loft organized with clearly labeled boxes of off-season clothing, Christmas décor or summer yard games. You don’t have to tear up every closet in your house to find the items you need. Simply go to the loft and there it is! This is Home Ergonomics 101.

Simply put, you get smart space, money and ergonomics by choosing a modular garage with a loft. With an incredible variety of options like building styles, colors and windows/doors, you can customize your new modular garage to suit your needs perfectly. Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, can help. Give them a call today!

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Alternative Uses for Prefabricated Sheds, Garages & Barns

External Man Cave

Man Cave: Turn a Storage Shed into a Get Away Cabin

Move aside, cluttered storage shed. You’ve just been upgraded to a new and exciting alternative use. People today want to get the biggest bang for their buck, and finding alternative uses for modular sheds, garages and barns is a current trend. Fortunately, Carolina Storage Solutions, located near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, can help you create an interesting use of space because they’ve delivered more barns and sheds than anyone else in the area. Give them a call today to find out more.


Stand Alone Sheds. Come on, don’t just toss your out-of-season stuff into a shed and forget about it until the change of seasons. You have other options! Think outside the storage shed box. Do you need a place for your hobbies? How about an organized garden or potting shed? How about a weatherproof place for firewood, lawn equipment or summer hydrocraft? A storage shed can be so much more than an enclosed miniature junk yard. Once you’ve assess your storage needs, then you can customize the shed’s options to suit your needs perfectly.


Prefabricated Garages. Most people see a garage as merely a place to keep the vehicle out of the weather. Sure, that’s great. But with so many improvements in customization packages these days, people are beginning to use prefab garages for workshops as well. Why? Because they’re big enough to store bulky supplies like lumber or oversized mechanic’s toolboxes, as well as provide the needed space to actually do the work you want. It’s all about organization and wise use of money.


Modular Barns. Although a prefab barn is perfect for livestock, they can also be customized to meet your needs for a private movie theater, Man Cave or She Shed. Perhaps you would prefer to install a few sound panels for a music studio. It’s the perfect place for your band to practice without disturbing the whole house. Or you could have an art/craft studio!

Customizations like size, shape, roof style, interior and exterior materials and colors are only the beginning of your options. You can choose different door and window styles, and even have ramps installed for ease of access. Let these possibilities get your creative juices flowing. You’ve got endless potential and Carolina Storage Solutions can help make your alternative uses for storage sheds, garages and modular barns become reality. Check them out online today!

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Dreams on a Budget Rent-to-Own Modular Horse Barn

Modular Horse Barn. Prefabricated Horse Barns

Dreams on a Budget Rent-to-Own Modular Horse Barn

Your little girl is growing up, and is ready to trade in stuffed animals for a horse of her own. If you want to turn this dream into reality, but aren’t sure how you can afford it, rest easy. Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, has the answer. Choose a beautiful modular horse barn and couple it with our rent-to-own payment plan!

Prefabricated Horse Barns are already smart, budget-friendly options because they are built in our factory out of high quality materials by carpenters who are specialized in prefab construction. We’re talking fast and efficient, which saves you money from the beginning.

But what about the reality of your monthly budget? We’ve got you covered.

Affordable. Unemployment, inflation and personal income waxes and wanes. By choosing to take advantage of our rent-to-own plan, you’ll be able to afford a cool horse barn or shed because your monthly payment doesn’t change no matter how the stock market spins.

Easy to Qualify. Our rent-to-own payment plan is an in-house and same day service, so less than perfect credit isn’t an issue. Boom! Your little girl is already on her way to enjoying an awesome horse in a great modular barn, and you will have payments you can afford.

Build Equity. Most people pay exorbitant boarding fees for as long as they own their horses. That’s throwing money down the drain. Putting a prefab barn on your own property saves those boarding fees, and adds value to your property. Because rent-to-own is very affordable for your monthly budget and our modular buildings add to property value, this could be the perfect choice for you.

Speed. You’re looking at weeks instead of months to have your new modular barn or shed delivered and put to use. This isn’t exactly a benefit of rent-to-own financing, but it’s facilitated by it, therefore definitely worth considering.

Choosing our rent-to-own plan isn’t limited to horse barns for children. You can use our in-house financing for prefab garages, storage sheds, hobby shops, or even a Man Cave or She Shed. Paying in full at the time of purchase is financially painful, which is why so many people choose rent-to-own. Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, is the area’s number one company for rent-to-own modular barns, garages and sheds. Check out our many floor plans online today!

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