The Super Bowl in a Storage Shed?

man cave storage shed

Super Bowl party in your Man Cave

Super Bowl 50 is coming, oh yeah! Imagine hanging with your buddies, cold drink in your hands, snacks galore, feet on the coffee table as you enjoy the game, halftime show, and those fantastic Super Bowl commercials on the wide screen. All your team memorabilia is proudly on display, including the framed jersey and big plastic cups you saved from every live game you attended. Can’t quite get the mental image because you don’t have room for friends plus your memorabilia? You’re not alone. Carolina Storage Solutions, near Asheville, NC, can help. What you need, my friend, is a place for the party, and we’re not talking a three foot slice of the garage, either. You can host the best party on the block by turning one of our storage sheds or storage barns into a bona fide Super Bowl themed Man Cave. We even have rent-to-own financing that’s easy on your budget.

Getting your own Man Cave is easy. Our package plans generally already have what most folks want, but you should still check out the upgrade options. All our storage sheds/barns are customizable, from top to bottom, and inside out. After you place your order, go ahead and get out all your football keepsakes for displaying during the game, and invite your buddies. We will bring the storage shed to your prepared site and set it up as part of our package deal.

Everyone is getting excited about the Super Bowl, rooting for their favorite pick, or neither, if your favorite team didn’t make the final game. You can be hosting a fantastic party in your Man Cave, comparing this year’s commercials to previous ones. The one in which the Budweiser Clydesdales pay tribute to those who lost their lives in 911 will always have a special place in my heart. It makes me think of country, of course, and people who matter to me, including those I hang out with at Super Bowl parties. Will you score your own Man Cave this year? You can do it by letting Carolina Storage Solutions help turn one of our amazing storage sheds or storage barns into Super Bowl Central. Located in Asheville, NC, we have an easy rent-to-own financing plan, so sheds delivered to your back yard are truly stress-free for you.

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Turn a Storage Shed into a NASCAR Man Cave Dream!

Turn a Storage Shed into a NASCAR Man Cave Dream!

Turn a Storage Shed into a NASCAR Man Cave Dream!

Surprisingly enough, most women don’t want your genuine NASCAR used tire glass-topped table in the house, even though it has legs made from exhaust pipes really used at our loud neighbor, Thunder Valley, Bristol. She doesn’t like the car hood and door, either, though they’re the coolest gearhead collectible on the block. She says they take up too much space. Shrug it off, because we’ve got the answer to the square footage and decorating war: a storage shed or storage barn to turn into a NASCAR Man Cave. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds to the greater Asheville, NC area than anyone else and even offers a convenient rent-to-own payment plan. What’s not to love?

NASCAR fans join together in the love of the sport, and nearly break out in fights when it comes to favorite drivers. It’s Kyle Busch in his M&M covered car 18, versus about everyone else these days. Well, except his brother Kurt, who has his own problems. Some speed freaks quit watching NASCAR altogether when Dale Earnhardt, Sr. was killed in the last lap down in Daytona, the Superbowl of racing. Well that, and the fact that Toyota is in the running, which irritates some folks. Regardless of who’s winning, making news, or the changes in NASCAR rules, men still have plenty of memorabilia which deserve to be displayed.

Men, imagine your signed posters carefully showcased as checkered flag ceiling tiles, and that fender you got after meeting the pit crew enclosed in a Plexiglas bar table. What about a wall devoted to your impressive collection of matchbox cars and signed helmets? Think bigger, and park your most prized possession – the pace car – in the back of the Man Cave for all to enjoy. Add that checkered flag above the door and you’re ready for Speedweeks on the wide screen with surround sound!

Carolina Storage Solutions, conveniently located near Asheville, NC, can help make your NASCAR Man Cave a reality. From a truly impressive selection of customizable floor plans and upgrade packages to great customer service, it’s no wonder they’ve delivered more storage sheds and storage barns than anyone else. Their rent-to-own payment plan will help you get that NASCAR Man Cave you have always wanted without killing your monthly budget. Daytona is coming up soon. Better get started today!

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Storage Shed Turned Man Cave: Incredible Personalized Options

Man Caves from Storage Sheds

Man Caves from Storage Sheds. Quality and options

We’ve given you some fascinating uses for turning an ordinary storage shed or storage barn into a Man Cave, but have not really let you know about some of the wonderful features we offer to personalize the shed. Not every man needs double doors, for example, but other options end up being the perfect fit. With our convenient rent-to-own payment plan, it’s no wonder Carolina Storage Solutions is the biggest supplier of delivered barns and sheds in the greater Asheville, NC area.

Perhaps the most frequent question men ask us about our storage sheds and barns is about quality. Our sheds are built to last, passing a rigorous factory quality control standard. Insulated walls and ceilings as well as insulated vinyl windows are options most men choose. You can rest assured that your new Man Cave is built with quality.

By far, the number one option men choose for their Man Caves is the electrical package. After all, you can’t kick back with your friends to watch the television on game night without electricity. With the electrical package, you can keep the drinks cold, the dip hot, and the wide screen loud! Throw in heat and air conditioning options, and you’re set year-round.

From winter couch sports to summer fishing and everything in between, Man Caves change in terms of function with a man’s varied hobbies. But what do you do with the off-season stuff? Why, you put it in the loft, such as the one pictured above. Overhead storage space is a great way to make the most of your Man Cave.
Although your new Man Cave will be constructed with quality, you don’t have to settle for rough plywood flooring. Go with our linoleum flooring instead. It will look better, be much easier to clean, and will also offer some insulation against cold winter temperatures on your feet.

Imagine your new Man Cave will be delivered to your prepared site, already finished with the paint, flooring, doors and windows you have chosen. All you need is the finishing touches of seating, electronics and maybe a refrigerator. Carolina Storage Solutions has plenty of storage barn and storage shed plans to choose from. They can make all this happen for you, and even have a rent-to-own plan to help make your Man Cave a reality. Give them a call today for more information!

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Man Cave: Turn a Storage Shed into a Get Away Cabin

External Man Cave

Man Cave: Turn a Storage Shed into a Get Away Cabin

Our wives hate the messes we make. A few potato chips on the floor, and they go ballistic, forcing us to hang out in the garage. Normally that’s not a big deal, but it’s hard to chill with our buddies when we have to move her car outside and break out the folding chairs in order to do so. Kind of a nuisance, really. And then she comes in, right in the middle of a good joke, to do laundry. Punchline bomb! It could be so much better with a storage shed turned Man Cave in the back yard. Think it’s a pipe dream? Nope. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds and storage barns than anyone else in the Asheville, NC area, and they even have rent-to-own payment plans. It’s worth checking out.

Chicks have total control of the house. It’s their obvious domain and they rule it with an iron fist. We guys go from a clear shower curtain hung by the cheapest plastic rings we could find (because shower curtains don’t matter) to frilly, flowery curtains and a matching plastic liner. We once worked on small engines on the kitchen table so we could watch the game at the same time. We even used newspapers or towels under the parts to keep them from getting lost as well as protecting the table. Then the missus came in with her hands on her hips and demanded we move our project elsewhere. It’s easier to just go along than fight about it being alright to simply move the motor to the center of the table and eat around it. The guys never minded the motor. In fact, they’d help fix it on game night.

But pleasing our ladies is good, and one easy way to do that is to get a Man Cave in the yard. It’s the best of both worlds. You will have a place to hang out with the guys that’s convenient to the house without actually being in the house. Your Man Cave will truly be your own place, and potato chips on the floor won’t be a big deal. Carolina Storage Solutions, which delivers storage sheds and storage barns in the Asheville, NC area, can handle this job for you. You get the spot in your back yard ready, and they’ll deliver and set up your Man Cave. With their rent-to-own financing, it’s very affordable. Check it out on the Man Cave page!

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Santa Wants a Man Cave for Christmas

Santa wants a man cave

Santa wants a man cave

Santa just spent Christmas Eve, surely the longest work shift in history flying with his reindeer, filling stockings across the globe. He’s got a belly ache from so many cookies and milk. His back hurts from carrying his sack of toys, not to mention fitting through chimneys, a difficult task because of all the cookies over the years. Mrs. Clause worries that he’ll become diabetic with so much sugar, but he just can’t disappoint the children because he loves them. The workshop at the North Pole is busy, with a magical party atmosphere that only elves can generate. It’s fun, but sometimes a little exhausting. With the last delivery, Santa finds himself wishing he had a little private place where he could be an ordinary man, instead of a celebrity. He saw a storage shed that Carolina Storage Solutions had turned into a Man Cave during his flight through Asheville, NC and it looked like a great idea. An ordinary storage shed or barn had become a Man Cave. Yeah, that’s exactly what Santa wanted for Christmas!

Ladies, does the Santa in your life sacrifice for you and others? There are a lot of men out there who work hard, ask for little in return, and yet long for a place to just hang out with the guys. This is your golden opportunity to get them a Man Cave of their own. It’s more than a piece of the basement or half of the garage. Today’s hottest trend in Man Caves is to turn a storage shed or storage barn into a retreat that’s conveniently located in the back yard.

Enter Carolina Storage Solutions. We deliver more storage sheds to the greater Asheville, NC area than anyone else. Period. With our convenient rent-to-own payment plan, you can give your Santa a Man Cave without breaking the monthly budget, which is something he’ll appreciate. We have customizable floor plans, and many amenities to choose from right on our website, so personalizing Santa’s Man Cave is a breeze. Once you’ve picked out the basics and we’ve delivered the shed to you, then the fun begins again. You can make four walls become a nice place, where he’ll be proud to entertain the guys on game day.

Drop by our display site or check us out online to get more ideas of how you can show Santa you love him. Merry Christmas and God bless us, everyone!

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Storage Shed to Man Cave

Man Cave Storage Shed

Create your own space with a storage shed Man Cave

We’ve talked a lot about Man Caves in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area, discussing different ways our clients have turned ordinary storage sheds into personal spaces for mechanic work, tool sheds and game rooms. We’ve even shared the great idea of outfitting a storage shed into a hunting shelter, complete with ample space for storing coolers, camping equipment and sleeping cots. Man Caves today are so much more than the unused corner of the garage. They have been upgraded to suit the varied tastes and needs of today’s men.

Carolina Storage Solutions is proud to be able to offer men in our area high quality sheds in many exciting floor plans and package options. Most men choose to add the electrical package as a matter of course, because whether you’re using your new Man Cave as a hobby shop or casual place to watch the game with the guys, you’ll most likely need electricity. A close second in popular choices include high quality hinged doors, single or double as needed. Some men need doors on two different sides of the building, and ramps for easier access or to roll projects/hobbies inside as needed. Don’t forget the importance of adding screened windows to your Man Cave, to let in the light and fresh air. It’s smart, not sissy.

These are only a few ideas for how you might want to set up your new Man Cave. Our website is a convenient way to take a look at all the options for customizing your shed. It’s easy – just click the upgrades you want and watch your Man Cave come to life while staying within your budget. We deliver more storage sheds in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville area of Western North Carolina than anyone else in the business.

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All He Wants for Christmas is a Storage Shed!

Storage barn Man Cave

Knock his socks off this Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone! More and more folks are telling us how much they’ve enjoyed their She Sheds and Man Caves, turning ordinary storage sheds and storage barns into personal retreats. Carolina Storage Solutions is happy to offer high quality sheds delivered to your back yard, and a rent-to-own option that makes it extremely affordable.

The Ghost of Christmas Past in Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol was there to not only remind Ebenezer Scrooge of days past, but to also inspire him for the present. You don’t need a ghost to remember previous Christmases. Ladies, stop for a minute to think about the men in your life. They work hard, provide as best they can, and are your emotional and physical protectors. Don’t you think your man deserves something that says you appreciate him more adequately than another pair of jeans and a North Face jacket?

Now consider how good he’s been to keep all his junk – I mean priceless treasures and tools – in the garage instead of the kitchen countertop. He does try to please you. Maybe this year you should give him a Christmas gift he’ll never forget.

Knock his socks off with a storage shed delivered right to your back yard. We take the hassle out of getting the perfect gift for your man, because we’ll help you choose the right additions to a basic shed according to what he’s going to need. Think outside the traditional shed-shaped box, because we’ll help you customize his new personal retreat for his mechanical needs, entertaining the guys on game night, hobbies like sports, fishing, hunting, even woodworking. Once the shed arrives, you may even help him decorate it, to make it even nicer.

You see and hear commercials all the time that say you deserve the best from your man. Isn’t it about time you gave him the best? We’re not talking traditional shirts and slippers, but something that men actually want and can use. Most men would rather have a place to retreat to that’s all their own over socks and a tie any day.

Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds and barns than anyone else in the Asheville, NC area. It has been our privilege. Many clients also have taken advantage of our rent-to-own payment plan, in order to save on the monthly budget.


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Winterizing Your Storage Shed

Winterizing Your Storage Shed

Winterizing Your Storage Shed

With winter bearing down on us soon, now is the time to give your storage sheds and barns a little attention. Carolina Storage Solutions delivers more barns and sheds to the greater Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area. We know sheds and how to help you take care of them.

Rooftops. Start at the top and work your way down with your storage shed or barn winterization. If there are tree branches rubbing the roof (or walls) then it’s time to trim them. Leaning trees that could fall under the weight of snow onto your shed should be removed. Rooftop quality needs to be checked: Loose shingles replaced, metal roof screws and joints checked for leaks, etc.

Guttering. Take gutters seriously. They can’t protect your building from water damage if they aren’t clean. Pull out the bigger stuff like branches and clumps of leaves first and then power wash them. Loose guttering should be secured and rusty sections replaced.

Windows and doors. Use weather stripping to help block drafts. Put some WD-40 on door hinges to prevent wintertime rust.

Inside check-up. Start at the top. If you see evidence of a roof leak, now is the time to address the issue, before winter rain freezes and complicates the issue. Now is the time to clean out expired products such as lawn fertilizer and leftover paint from projects you did years ago. Once you get down to the floor, sweep it and make sure the floor joists still feel secure. It’s time to reorganize your things inside the shed. Come time to start your spring landscapig, you’ll be happy you did.

Tools and machinery. Anything that runs on gas should have the gas tank emptied. The easiest way is to simply run the lawnmower, etc. until it runs out of gas. Alternatively, add a fuel stabilizer to prevent a clogged carburetor in the spring. Give your lawn mower and other equipment a good wash just as you’d wash your car. Soapy water and a garden hose do miracles. Wipe down hand tools and store them inside the shed as well.

Rodents. The disease-carrying beasts want to spend the winter in your shed, causing damage to the building, equipment and stored items, not to mention chewing on electrical wires. Consider rodent traps, etc.

Carolina Storage Solutions has an impressive line of storage sheds and barns at their display site. Owning you own shed or barn can be easy, and will be delivered straight to your back yard. Close to Hendersonville and Asheville, NC they are easy to find and have delivered more storage units to our area than anyone else. Come see the difference for yourself.

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Trending This Hunting Season, a Man Cave Hunting Shed!


Hunting season is in full swing. Grouse, rabbit, quail and deer seasons are open. Bear season will open up again after deer. Turkey season comes later, in April. American huntsmen are braving frustrating weather to provide wild game meats for their families. Gentlemen, although you may have adequate equipment and warm clothing, do you have a convenient hunting bungalow? Our Man Cave storage sheds beat a tent any day. We can deliver an awesome hunting shed to you, for your remote, rustic hunting lodging needs just about anywhere in the greater Asheville/Hendersonville area. Carolina Storage Solutions sells more sheds in the southeast than anyone else. Give us a call today or drop by for more information and to see our impressive line of Man Cave plans for yourself.

The wind blows fiercely and icy mixes of precipitation fall. It’s a miserable way to spend the night. You don’t have to spend it in a tent or on the painfully cold ground anymore. A Man Cave outfitted for hunting is the very ticket!

Let’s be honest. Men don’t really need much in a Hunting Man’s Cave to be happy. You want a place for a couple of folding cots for sleeping off the cold ground, a bear-free place for coolers, a spot to store campfire wood in the dry, and a safe space for a portable heater. Nothing else much matters for hunting. After all, hunting is a sporting event that harkens back to our primitive roots, giving us an opportunity to commune with nature and provide for our families. Instead of waking up with tight muscles from another cold night of sleeping outdoors, imagine feeling well-rested and ready to get out in the woods! A Man Cave Hunting Shed is exactly what you need (and an excellent Christmas idea, ladies).

With customizable floor plans that include options like electrical packages, storage cabinets, windows and door options, your new Hunting Shed will satisfy all your hunting needs. You can even choose from a wide variety of interior and exterior colors. Wouldn’t a covered porch be nice for taking off your muddy boots or set down the birds you’ve just bagged? No problem. Carolina Storage Solutions can provide you with a fantastic hunting shed, delivered to your land. Located convenient to Asheville and Hendersonville, NC, we are the hunter’s number one supplier of Man Cave Hunting Sheds.

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How to Turn a Storage Building into Backyard Bliss with a She Shed

She Shed

Customizing your own She Shed like ours on a shoestring budget is easy!

Move aside Man Cave. You’ve been outdone by the She Shed, and Carolina Storage Solutions delivers to the greater Asheville area! Ladies, it’s time you got yourself an updated version of the Man Cave. After all, they’ve had their manly hangouts for years. Isn’t it time you had a place to call your own? We’ve made a list of decorating ideas to help you get started and even offer rent-to-own services to help you do it on a budget.

  • Exterior colors and finishes can be customized with your order. If you are a DIY kind of gal, paint your shed and trim yourself.
  • Our decorator chose clean white for our model’s interior, in order to give the room an airy feel. From there, any color and decorating scheme matches.
  • Fabric on the walls is an easy DIY project. Choose backed cloth with bold patterns and use it as accent walls, not on all four walls. Combine cloth with one or two paint colors for the most impact.
  • Customizable windows (see above photo) should be part of the package deal. The paned windows give the building an appealing means of using natural lighting. Go with more windows, not less.
  • Decorative lighting, such as the floral twinkle lights above, add another layer of charm above the sheer curtains that soften incoming sunlight. In the center of the room, install a small chandelier.
  • Our decorator picked up furniture from a local consignment shop, so the quality was fantastic, and was a real bargain. Ditto the decorative touches. All the beauty at a fraction of the expense.
  • She rounded out the She Shed with a big, thick area rug. Go with bold rug designs, especially if the rest of the room is fairly understated.

We hope that these ideas help get your creative juices flowing. With our rent-to-own payment plans, owning your She Shed (or Man Cave) is affordable. Delivered to your back yard, setting it up is hassle free. Decorating it with your own personal style is going to be a lot of fun. The only thing left to do is come see our impressive line of display units to get started. You could have your own She Shed in no time! We serve the greater Asheville, NC area.


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