A Clean Horse Barn for Equestrian Care

Equestrian Care

A Clean Horse Barn for Equestrian Care

Someone once said owning a horse equals happiness. Keeping your barn in good shape is essential to responsible equestrian care. We’ve listed a few tips on horse barn maintenance to help you get the most pleasure out of owning a horse through simple maintenance of your prefabricated barn.

Roof. Grab a ladder and climb onto the roof (be careful!) to repair any storm damage. Clean the gutters, downspouts and drainage pipes.

Walls. Inspect exterior and interior walls. If you’ve got a horse that kicks, you’ll need to take care of damage inside his stall. Not only could he get cut on exposed metal, but holes in the walls can be an entryway for pests.

If your horse barn is metal, consider power washing the exterior to get rid of any mold buildup. You’ll need a water supply nearby, of course.

Take note of any holes at the base of the walls, inside and out, and fill them with gravel. If they were caused by rats or groundhogs, you’ll have to handle that problem as well, because they’ll only dig new ones. If the holes were caused by erosion, you may need to do a little grade work to build berms or cut ditches. Be sure to reseed the disturbed land and fence it off from animals until the grass is sprouted and well-established.

Moving inside the building, all interior walls (and ceilings) need to be swept free of cobwebs and dirt. Wear a bandana or mask to keep from breathing in so much dust.

Doors and Windows. With the freezing and thawing temperatures that come with winter, this fall is the ideal time to inspect all the doors and windows of the barn. Perform any necessary repairs, and give all the hinges a squirt of WD-40 so they won’t get stiff and inoperable over winter.

Floors. Whether you’ve got a cement foundation with rubber mats, or an ordinary dirt floor in the barn, fall is the time to shovel and rake the stalls thoroughly. Add a fresh layer of sawdust or straw, and watch your sweet equine friend’s happy reaction.

These are pretty basic tips on fall barn maintenance. If you don’t really have a place to keep a horse, we can help. Carolina Storage Solutions sells more high-quality, prefabricated barns in the greater Asheville, NC are than anyone else. Give us a call today for more information!

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Hunting in Style: Man Cave Hunting Cabin

Man Cave Hunting Cabin

Hunting in Style with a Man Cave Hunting Cabin

Some guys are lucky enough to have sweethearts who like to go hunting with them, or at least camping. Some, however, just don’t care for the bitter cold, howling winds and how damp everything gets with tent living. Be honest. You can’t really blame them. There’s a better alternative to tent camping: a Man Cave (storage shed) outfitted as a hunting cabin. You can have all the things you need as a hunter, while providing a comfortable retreat for her as well. Think of how much you’ll enjoy sitting beside her, watching clouds and wildlife from the front porch of your private hunting cabin tucked up in a quiet mountain cove! It’s all about making the most of the hunting season, and you have the power to do so at your fingertips.

Basically, a hunting cabin is simply a storage shed or storage barn that’s outfitted for hunting. Getting one isn’t difficult, but you’ll have to consider a few things before you order it.

1. Permits. If you’re ordering a modular unit that comes in multiple pieces, you’ll likely need a permit. The local permitting office can give you more information.

2. The site. Will a “wide load” delivery truck be able to get there? We can’t set up your hunting cabin if it takes 4WD and a team of mules two weeks of pulling to deliver it to the site. Fortunately, most hunting land in our area has good road access, so you’ll probably be fine.

The prepared site needs to be flat. Will you need to remove trees or have a professional do some grade work? You’ll need a thick layer of gravel for the building’s foundation, or a slab of concrete for even more stability.

3. Cranes and trucks. If you are buying a bigger garage, like those with lofts, to turn into a hunting shed, remember the height we’ll need to offload and set up the building. Some trees may need to be trimmed or removed. Make sure the “wide load” delivery truck can get to the site without damaging the building.

The simplicity of preparing for your hunting cabin is part of the beauty of the idea. There simply isn’t a lot to it. Carolina Storage Solutions is here to help with the details. Give us a call today and you’ll be enjoying your Man Cave hunting cabin in no time!

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We Can Deliver Your Hunting Cabin Almost Anywhere

Hunting Cabin

We Can Deliver Your Hunting Cabin Almost Anywhere

The heat of summer is finally past us, which means hunting season is beginning. There’s something about cooking over a campfire, camouflage hunting clothes and safety orange that gets you going. Not to mention the anticipation of a successful hunt. If you’re like most men, though, sleeping on the cold ground in a tent is tolerable at best, and definitely not your favorite part about hunting. What if you could have all the things you love about hunting, but switch out the tent for a hunting cabin? You can, with a storage shed or barn that you outfit for a Man Cave hunting cabin!

It’s the best of both worlds: hunting and rustic indoor living. If you’ve got halfway decent road access (the delivery truck has to be able to get there and offload the shed to your prepared site) then you can have a great hunting cabin to use this season. It’s that simple.

You’ll have friends who will want to use your hunting cabin. Get them to help you prepare for delivery. You’ll need a flat foundation, with a good, thick gravel base. Some guys make it more permanent with a cement base, but that isn’t always feasible. When the building comes, it’ll be on a flatbed delivery truck, so you might need to cut a few low lying tree limbs.

Most hunters choose sheds with covered porches because they offer a place to shuck off muddy boots, clean equipment, or simply sit under shelter while stew simmers over the fire. Inside the hunting shed, extra folding cots and hunting blinds can be stored in the lofts overhead. The countertop and cabinetry will house food and bottled water. You’ll still need an outhouse, though.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that mean the most. A long weekend away from the routine. Time spent out in the woods hunting, and then camping at night. The soft sounds of nature at night without the intrusive noise of civilization. No television, dishwasher or washing machine running. Just peaceful quiet.

If a better way to hunt sounds exactly like what you want, check out Carolina Storage Solutions online. Pick the storage shed you want, based on your hunting needs and the amenities you need, and give them a call to discuss details about having it delivered. This will be something you’ll enjoy for many years. Call today!

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Man Cave is a Great Place for a Football Party

man cave storage shed

Super Bowl party in your Man Cave

It’s football season again! Your friends want to chill out at your Man Cave every weekend for college and pro football games. Can you imagine how cool it’ll be? All your friends hanging around, lots of different chips, and everyone enjoying the pregame show. Look around. This little building might’ve once been your run-of-the-mill storage shed, but no more. Ever since your sweetie pie turned it into a Man Cave, you’ve got Game Day Central! Excitement fills the air as your buddies yell back at the TV and talk smack about the players and teams. You know it’s going to be another great day at the Man Cave.

But what should you do to get ready for the game?

Being the uber-macho man that you are, you’ve got priorities. It’s all about the grill. Drag that beast over to the Man Cave and have the gas tank refilled. You’re gonna need plenty of cooking power for burgers, onions-n-sausages, wings and jalapeño poppers. Get the grilling tools ready. This is gonna be awesome!

Next item on the list? The beverages, of course. You’ll definitely need ice. Get your biggest camping cooler prepped. Oh, and solo cups.

Your significant other will take over decorating for the party. Chances are she’ll want to frame that signed jersey, your pride and joy that bears the team’s colors. It’ll look great! Ask her to pick up one of those glass heads at the craft store to display the helmet, too.

Manly Tip #1: When she comes in with colored garland for the game, use small screw-in hooks to hang it. Come Christmastime, when she drags out twinkle lights, you’re ready to go.

It won’t be long before all your friends start arriving for the party. Once they’re there, everything will automatically fall into place. Are they hungry? There’s meat on the grill. Thirsty? Grab a cold one from the cooler. Tired after working all day? There’s a folding chair with their name on it.

Manly Tip #2: Tell your friends BYOC. Bring your own chair. This works for meat and drinks as well.

There just isn’t that much to worry about when hosting a football party at your Man Cave. Heck, even if you don’t have a storage shed to turn into a Man Cave you can make it happen anyway. It’s easy. Order one from Carolina Storage Solutions now, and it’ll be delivered to your prepared site just in time.

Manly Tip #3: Invite your friend, the electrician, to the first party so he can have it hooked up in time. Boom!

Football party at the Man Cave? Brang it! We’ve got you covered. Give us a call today!

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Enjoying the Fall Leaves from My She Shed

She Shed

Enjoying the Fall Leaves from My She Shed

There’s nothing like taking a little time to enjoy the beauty of fall. Some people might find this season depressing, because it shouts winter’s imminence. But not me. I love every season and the positive things they all represent. For me, fall is a season of cooling temps after summer’s sweltering heat, as well as a season of beauty. Perhaps Albert Camus said it best. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

When we moved to this house, we inherited the ugliest, most dilapidated storage shed in the history of mankind. That thing was nothing but a rust bucket with walls held together by not much more than wishful thinking. The cheap sliding doors had given up years ago, and the roof was basically a sieve. It had to go. There wasn’t one positive thing about the shed, except a good, level foundation.

I’d read about She Sheds and had seen a few in magazines, and at a couple of girlfriends’ houses. They were pretty cool. I imagined having my own private retreat outside the house, a place where I could work on my crafts or have girls night, or even an affordable alternative to the usual dinner-n-movie date night with my husband. The idea simmered on a back burner for a couple years, until we moved and I decided the eyesore in the back yard had to go.

My husband is a busy man. It’s not that he didn’t want to build me a new shed. He simply had no time. So I hosted a “Death to the Shed” girls day. With power screwdrivers, leather work gloves for all and a couple of ladders, we had it and the warped plywood floor dismantled and safely stacked in the back of a friend’s truck in no time.

All I really had to do then was pick out a replacement shed. I chose a style and colors to match the house, as well as a few upgrades like window and door styles that appealed to me. After the shed arrived and upfitted with electricity and cable, I made it homey with furniture and decorations.

Now I’m having coffee, enjoying the beautiful fall colors and crisp weather from my wonderful She Shed. You, too can do the same. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds than anyone in the Asheville/Hendersonville, NC area. Call them today!

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Choosing the Right Modular Garage

Board & Batten Modular Garage

Board & Batten Modular Garage with Full Loft

With winter looking over our shoulders, getting a modular garage for your car is a good idea. There are a lot of different types out there, including stick-built, prefabricated wooden, metal and vinyl garages. Which one is best for you? Here’s some helpful information to help you decide.

Before we get into the different styles of buildings, let’s look at the basics of time and money. With traditionally-built garages, you’ll have to deal with contractors going over budget, missed deadlines, foul weather impediments, and no guarantees on quality. These negatives add up to wasted time and money, which is why people are choosing modular garages instead.

Modular garages are a smarter route. They have warrantied quality, are delivered to your prepared site, and can be customized to match your home and community requirements. They also require less maintenance than traditional garages.

There are three basic garages available: metal, double, and portable. For all these garages, you’ll need a flat, prepared site before they can be delivered or installed.

Metal Modular Garage

Metal Modular Garage

Metal garages:

This is the most affordable option to protect your car with basic protection against the elements. Metal garages are virtually maintenance free for years, another benefit. They come standard with garage doors, service doors and windows, depending on what package you choose.

Double Modular Garage

Double Modular Garage

Double garages:

There are three styles within this category – standard, loft and engineered styles. Standard and loft garages come with two garage doors, plus two windows, and a service door. You can choose the siding: pine board & batten, vinyl or Hardi-board. Architectural shingles are also standard, and offer a more finished appearance because they can match your house.

Loft styles are awesome because it’s like getting a garage and storage shed in one. The loft is accessed via stairs inside the garage.

Prefab garages with engineered trusses round out the third choice in double garages. The difference is that these offer an insulated metal roof instead of architectural shingles, overhangs, engineered 6 pitch trusses (to bear snow weight), and four windows instead of two. These prefab garages are highly customizable.

Portable Garages

Portable Garages

Portable Garages:

These single-door garages are very similar to all the prefab garages above in terms of roofing, exterior finishes and building quality. The key here is that they are slightly smaller, which is why they are portable.

These are only highlights to give you a general idea of what prefab garage is best for you. The details are in the customization. Prefabricated garages in the Hendersonville NC area are our specialty. Give us a call or check out our website today for more information!

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Winterize Your Storage Shed

Winterize Your Storage Shed

Winterize Your Storage Shed

With the onset of cooler autumn weather, now is the time to winterize your storage shed or storage barns. Although there are no rules chiseled in stone for ensuring your shed can handle winter’s temperatures, there’s more to it than cleaning and reorganizing the tools inside it.

If possible, take everything out and clean the shed. You can do a lot with a shop vac or broom, and a bottle of window cleaner. It might be easier to move stuff to one wall, clean the cleared one, then repeat on the other side. Check for wall and roof cracks while everything is out of the way and you can see clearly. (Water leaks usually show up as dark water stains inside.) Patch the building as needed. Now is the time to handle insect or rodent issues, too.

Inspect the roof and exterior walls, as well as the foundation. Don’t put off repairs because winter will only make it worse. If you have a power washer, you might want to wash the building. Be careful about using too much force, however, which can really damage the surface. Does the shed need to be repainted? This is a perfect DIY project. Not your cup of tea? Call a professional painter for a quote and get it scheduled while it’s still warm. The new layer of paint will help protect it not just this winter, but next year as well.

Weather stripping may need to be replaced or added, especially if you use your shed year-round for hobbies, as a Man Cave or She Shed, etc. Insulating the walls is relatively simple, yet makes a huge difference in the comfort level while you’re in there working on your projects.

If you have an electric wall heater make sure it’s running correctly, properly vented and not covered with storage things. Heat sources are generally inappropriate for yard tool storage because of fire hazards from gas and fumes.

Winter is right around the corner. Now is the time to spend a day getting your storage shed or prefabricated barn ready for the bitter cold headed our way. A day now spent on your shed will prevent even more cleaning and maintenance in the spring.

For more maintenance tips on your modular storage shed or barn, check out our website. Carolina Storage Solutions is the area’s first choice for quality storage sheds. Give us a call for more information!

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A Storage Shed for Your Lawn Tools

storage sheds

A Storage Shed for Your Lawn Tools

Summer is gone and with it yard chores. You may have to rake leaves a few more times before winter really sets in, but now it’s time to clean and store your lawn tools for winter. If you don’t have a storage shed or barn, consider having one delivered to your back yard. You’ll love it.

You need a storage shed. You’ve spent a small fortune on lawn equipment. It only makes sense to keep it out of the weather. Hang tools such as rakes and shovels on the shed walls. It removes tripping hazards by keeping them off the floor, and frees up floor space for bigger things like the lawn mower.

Some people use a metal trash can to store long-handled tools. This is a good option if you have a barn-shaped shed, where the walls aren’t really tall enough for hanging tools.

Shelving is ideal for keeping small hand tools, garden/potting items organized. You can keep the lawnmower gas cans, water hoses and wheel barrow underneath the shelf, safely out of the way. Organization is a key factor of happiness, right?!

Cleaning and Maintenance. Before you put the tools in the shed, clean each one with soapy water. Use steel wool to remove rust, and then a rust inhibitor. If repairs are in order, such as that broken shovel handle, do them now. Sharpen cutting blades now, from the mower to shovels, so you’ll be ready to go come spring.

Gas-powered tools require extra attention. Clean them of built-up grass and dirt, including under the lawnmower deck and then wash with soap and water. If rust is an issue, handle that now as well. Generally speaking, you should drain and dispose the fuel and oil, as well as the old can of fuel/oil mix because it usually goes bad in a month or so. Fuel stabilizers are a good idea, as well as changing the air filter, and replacing the spark plug. These are general suggestions. We recommend you follow the owner’s manual advice for each piece of equipment for best results.

That’s about it. Fall maintenance is behind you. If you are throwing your money away every month renting a storage unit several miles from your home, you might want to consider buying a garden shed. If that makes sense, give us a call today or drop by Carolina Storage Solutions’ display yard for more information!

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Preparing Your Horse Barn for Winter

equestrian care, horse barn

Preparing Your Horse Barn for Winter

Fall is in the air, which means winter is coming soon. Now is the time to ensure your modular horse barn is in top shape for upcoming severe weather. Maintenance now will provide your equine friends with better shelter and help prevent illnesses such as thrush, mud fever, dehydration-related colic and respiratory illnesses.

Start with the roof. Grab a ladder to check the roof for tree damage. Remove broken limbs and trim trees if needed. Repair any roof damage.

Work your way down. This means cleaning gutters and inspecting/repairing outside walls. While you’ve got that giant, cumbersome ladder out, go ahead and install gutter guards, if you haven’t already. It’ll prevent leaves filling the gutters. Make sure the downspout and the drain pipes still flow. Sometimes pipes accidentally get crushed from driving trucks over them, in which case they should be replaced.

Water flows downhill. You might need to do some grading to make sure the water flows away from the building. Hoof issues are almost always related to your horses standing in wet environments, be it outdoor mud or from pooled urine in their stalls.

Speaking of water, if you have a watering system, make sure it’s working and draining properly, as well as insulated for winter. Make sure your heated water buckets are still working.

Windows, doors and floors. Rust can be a real issue during the winter, making hinged doors, windows and stall latches stick. Spray a little WD-40 on the moving parts and “work” them a few times. Also look at the weather stripping on the doors/windows. If it’s damaged, replace it. Likewise, check out the floors for damage and repair them if needed.

Time to clean. Give your horse barn a top-to-bottom “spring” cleaning, but do it when the horses are outside. The dust from sweeping the ceilings and walls, as well as removing all the old hay, can adversely affect their respiratory system. Besides, they’ll just get in your way.

Part of equestrian care is proper horse barn maintenance. It’s important to have a healthy place for horses to escape the bitter cold. A little preventive maintenance now will save you a lot of trouble this winter. Carolina Storage Solutions is your modular horse barn specialist. Drop by our display site or give us a call for more information. We’re here to help you!

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The Southeast’s Largest Shed Dealer Offers Rent-to-own

Asheville She-sheds

The Southeast’s Largest Shed Dealer Offers Rent-to-own

Need a storage shed, but can’t afford one? Rent-to-own is a great way for folks like you to get the sheds they need, on affordable budgets. Better yet, our sheds are delivered to right to your prepared site in NC, SC, GA, TN, and VA. But is rent-to-own for you? Carolina Storage Solutions has put together some tips, based on our own regulations, to help you decide.

Advantages of Rent-to-own:

No Credit Check. Because we are your in-house financing company, there aren’t any credit checks. Good credit, bad credit, it doesn’t matter. Simply pay your monthly rental fee. It’s that simple.

Immediate Approval. It’s covered in the rental agreement and falls under the premise that you’re renting the shed from us until you make the final payment. Sometimes life needs to be kept simple. This is one of those things.

Low Down Payment. You will need to deposit two month’s rent to get things rolling. After that, you’ll just have the regular monthly payments for 34 months.

Delivery is Included. You won’t have to pay additional fees or arrange for delivery yourself. We’ll take care of that for you.

You’ll Own the Shed. Unlike throwing your money away year after year on a storage rental unit that’s miles away from home, you will own your shed in just 36 payments!

No Penalty for Early Pay Off. In fact, you will save 40% of the balance by paying it off early. Some people have bought sheds on our rent-to-own program this time of year because they desperately need the storage solutions, and then paid off the shed when tax money comes in.

Changing Your Mind is Alright. What if you have to move before the contract is up, or if you decide you simply don’t want the shed any longer? Our rent-to-own program is a monthly contract. You can terminate it any time without penalty. Just give us a call to schedule pick up. You will be responsible for rent until the day we pick it up (and cleaning it out, of course).

Rent-to-own plans allow you to have storage sheds delivered to your own backyard with little money upfront, and affordable monthly payments. It’s really that simple. Carolina Storage Solutions has delivered more storage sheds in the Southeast than anyone else. We serve NC, SC, GA, TN and VA, so we’ve got you covered. Give us a call today!

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