Five Reasons to Rent-to-Own Your storage Shed

storageShed 4-7-15Did you know that 65% of Americans own their own homes? If you are among this majority, there’s a good chance you may need a bit of additional storage room. Everyone has seen storage units popping up across the country. From security-patrolled, air conditioned units to the questionable safety of units without so much as a chain link fence, chances are you or someone you know have used rented a storage unit.  Renting a unit can be expensive, as can purchasing a unit outright.  There is an alternative, however, in a rent-to-own contract. Here are five reasons it may be right for you.

  1. Affordability. Times are tight for a lot of people. Buying a storage shed outright might not be an option. Rent-to-own is a way to get the storage space you need on a realistic budget.
  2. Convenience. You don’t have to drive to a public unit to get your stuff. Your new storage building will be conveniently placed where you want it, just a few steps outside your door.
  3. Build Equity. Most self-storage agreements last about five years. When you close that account and remove your possessions, you have nothing to show for it.  You’ve thrown money to the wind. By purchasing through Carolina Storage Solutions, you will be investing in yourself, by building equity with your own property
  4. No Credit Check. Talk about fast and convenient!  With same-day approval, buying your own shed is easy, even with imperfect credit. Carolina Storage Solutions additionally offers 90-days same as cash. That’s an interest-free option that allows you to own your new shed that much easier.
  5. Unlimited Uses. If you think sheds are just for storing boxes of off-season or infrequently used items, think again.  Consider buying a shed for a workshop, hobby space, garden center or office space.  With over 30 different styles and sizes of sheds to choose from, Carolina Storage Solutions can provide the perfect size and style shed in stock for you. They are the number one go-to provider in the Southeast, offering competitive pricing and professional delivery and set-up. Their courteous, experienced staff will work with you on every aspect of purchasing and installing your new storage building, no matter how large or small the project.
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The Convenience of Owning Your Own Storage Shed

Storage shed - Manor 5The weather is warming. Spring seems to have finally arrived, and summer will follow quickly. You need to get the warm weather clothing from storage. The only real problem is that it’s not as easy as walking to the back yard to collect the necessary boxes.  Nope, you’ve got to spend time and gas to drive all the way to the rented storage unit to do this chore. When you get there, the security box has been broken and you wonder if your property is safe in public storage. You also wonder where your monthly rental fees are going, if not to maintenance.

Once you open the door to your storage unit, you have to pull six months of hurried deposits plus an entire dining room set out into the parking lot in order to find the four plastic boxes of summer clothes.  When you’ve loaded them into the vehicle, you get to put everything else back into the shed and like Humpty Dumpty, it seems impossible to fit it all back together again.

It’s frustrating. You’ve spent half the morning driving, unloading and re-loading boxes, and driving back home. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just walk to the back yard to collect what you need? Well, you can!

Carolina Storage Solutions has the answer for you! With a wide selection of sheds, barns, and more, they have the right type shed to suit your needs.  You have an alternative to renting that storage shed. You can own your own storage unit.  Their rent-to-own financing and 90-days same as cash policies ensure you can afford the storage you want and deserve, on your own property. With delivery to your, usually within 2-10 days from purchase, there’s no reason to wait. Call or visit today for more information.

Toll Free: 877.305.4277 Carolina Storage Solutions 2327 Asheville Hwy. Hendersonville, NC 28791 828.692.8200 Office hours: Mon. – Fri. 9:00am – 5:00pm Saturday 10:00am – 2:00pm Closed Sunday

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Getting Your Alpaca Ready for Winter

Covered up in their thick coats of fiber, you would think Alpacas don’t require any special attention during the winter months. Winter can be absolutely brutal at times, both to humans and domesticated animals. Alpacas are not an exception to the rule.

A lot of preparation needs to be undertaken to ensure the animals are protected and save you from the winter madness, whereby goods and services can be unavailable. Here are some things to consider to get ready for winter:

1. The source of Hay
An alternative source of feed must be found because of the snow. It will be important to keep the animals well fed so that their bodies can generate enough heat during the cold months.

2. Is there enough room in the enclosed space?
Animals tend to get territorial when it comes to meals and the males may become overly aggressive in confined areas. This, in turn, can lead some of the animals that can’t fend for themselves to starve to death.

3. Alpaca Shelters
The greatest value of these camelids is their natural fiber. The fleece cover found on these animals is always in high demand and this can lead to great profit margins. During the cold seasons, alpaca shelters must be set up to protect the prized assets. Websites such as provide a convenient means of ordering the delivery and installation of barns and shelters to one’s farm. It is easier, though, to deliver the alpaca shelter to the East Coast states due to proximity to the company. The good news with alpacas is that their barns are not difficult to clean since the animals drop their dung in only one area in order to limit the spread of diseases and parasites.

It is also important to ensure that the animal shelter has enough ventilation as the animals will tend to herd closer together during the winter cold. Proper bedding that is clean and dry should also be laid out for the animals. The straw that is used should be about 7-inches deep for the animals to be comfortable.

4. Necessary arrangements for birthing and feeding
It is important to make preparations for the pregnant females and the feeding crias during the winter months. The pregnancy should be monitored closely to ensure the dam does not go into labor unattended. The crias are at risk of death if exposed to the harsh cold, therefore, cria coats and covers should be put on the babies until the temperatures rise.

Creep feeders filled with hay and feed supplements should be provided to the pregnant dams and weaning crias in the set up shelter. A lot of warm water should also be made available to ensure the animals remain healthy.

5. Weight watching
This last point is very important. The herd should be weighed every month or less depending on age. This helps to ensure the animals are healthy and with a great body score.

Using these tips will ensure you and the herd is ready for winter and the seasons ahead.

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What Makes A Good Alpaca Shelter?

Alpaca farming is fast becoming popular in America. Property owners in states such as North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia are taking up Alpaca farming. Alpacas are native to South America but are thriving in the USA where they are bred for their wool. Farmers and ranchers in the alpaca rearing industry need to get some of the best and most practical alpaca barns in the market today. These can be found at Carolina Storage Solutions, a leading design and manufacture firm based in North Carolina.

Carolina Storage Solutions recently teamed up with Foxwire Farm Alpacas to design and develop high quality barns for Alpaca owners and breeders across America. The Alpaca shelter we design is spacious, very open and functional. It comes with an insulated roof that offers protection to the Alpacas. The barns are also designed to offer farmhands and workers easy access to the pasture areas and the stalls. The shelters also offer the alpacas plenty of room to move around and comfortable place to relax and lay down. The alpaca barns offer protection from the heat of the sun, the cold of winter, the elements and from pests.

If you own an alpaca ranch and are in need of an alpaca shed, then you have come to the right place. Here at Carolina Storage Solutions, we offer excellent alpaca shelters. We can design a shelter according to our designs or we can look at any designs you have. This means we accept custom plans from our customers and design structures according to their wishes. The barns can be as large as you wish if you have plenty of alpacas and vast grounds or smaller for small farms.

When it comes to designing your very own alpaca barns for your farm or ranch, we will provide expert advice and assistance. You can also checkout the plans and layout of the barns we designed and delivered to Foxwire Farm in order to get a rough idea of the kind of barns we can design. When designing barns and other farm structures, we use only the best materials that are of excellent quality and meet all standards. We design portable structures that can be moved and installed on your farm within a matter of a few weeks only. Some of the features on the shelters include suitable vents and windows, an insulated roof, stalls and a tack room and basically a structure that is maintenance free.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible and let us know about your alpaca shelter needs. We have a team of experts, designers and builders ready to begin work on your alpaca shelter. A good alpaca structure should be properly designed to allow free movement of the alpacas as well as the farm hands. It should be designed using quality materials and this is exactly what we at Carolina Storage Solutions Offer. We also delver the shelters to various states including New York, Virginia, Connecticut, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Vermont, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. As the leading designer of farm and ranch structures, we will provide you with a great structure for your farm that will enhance the breeding and rearing of exotic alpacas for a profitable and successful venture.

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Advantages of a Garage in North Carolina

If you are a homeowner in North Carolina, then you should probably consider adding a garage to your home. There are many different types of garages that you can choose from. A good garage has many benefits which you will definitely like. One of the most important advantages of owning a garage is the security it provides for your cars, bikes and other things you may want to store here. A car that is parked in a garage is safe from burglars, car thieves other common criminals. The car will also be protected from extreme weather and this ensures it stays in good condition much longer.

There are many options available to homeowners when it comes to choosing suitable North Carolina garages. One option that is very popular with residents lately is the modular garage. This type of garage is also known as a prefabricated garage and is normally manufactured at a factory elsewhere and assembled on site. There are many benefits of this and one is that the costs of putting up the garage are drastically cut. You will see considerable savings when you choose a prefabricated garage compared to a regular garage. Another benefit is the speed at which these can be designed and erected.

If you are considering a modular garage for your North Carolina home, then you have many options to choose from. These garages come in many different designs including a single-story one-car garage, single-story two-car garage or a double-story two-car garage. If you choose a good garage company you can have one of the best NC garages installed on your property in the shortest time possible. Such a firm is able to provide some of the best North Carolina garages available in the market today. A modern, impressive and presentable modular garage offers a great alternative to regular garages. It is easy to install, looks great and takes less time to put up compared to regular garages.

As a homeowner, you will not be limited in the choice of garage as there is a wide variety of designs to choose from. You will be able to choose the colors, siding and shingles of your garage, the kind of roof you prefer as well as the location of the garage door and windows. Other options also available include insulated floors, overhead doors with glass, a steel door, larger windows and so on. Once these decisions have been made, the garage will then be delivered and set up within a period of about four weeks.

There are many benefits of having a modern garage at home. NC garages offer their owners plenty of benefits such as safe storage of the family cars. The garage can also be used to store appliances, bikes, lawn mowers, tools and other equipment. Whenever a vehicle is parked in a garage, it is protected from harsh weather such as snow, storms and the scorching sun. If the garage is fitted with shelves and hooks, many other items can be stores here including children’s toys, outdoor camping equipment, roller skates and so on. Any extra space can be used as a work area for home repairs, a play area or just some lounging space. A good garage is definitely a welcome addition to any home. It offers many benefits including extra storage space and additional value to the home.

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Contractors Add Profits with Modular Garages and Storage Sheds

If you are a builder or a building contractor using a prefabricated garage can add considerable profits.

 A modular garage will help you complete a building or construction project faster than if you went for a traditional or built-in garage shed. This also   appeals to homeowners, especially if they wanted a quality building without adding substantially to the project budget. Another big selling point is the time on-site. After site preparation modular garages take very little time for assembly and installation, this also means that it is easy for a builder to incorporate a modular garage in an ongoing construction project making minimum use of their time and resources.

 All clients will appreciate it when the builder offers to add a garage at convenient prices and in little time. The modular structures have become a popular phenomenon nationwide, which means that the top manufacturers are already building a lot of these structures and have the requisite knowledge and the skills to construct high performance buildings. The materials used of are highest quality, which means that the builders will never need to worry about the quality and sustainability of the garage or storage building, and as long as he is ordering from an established manufacturer, his reputation as a builder and a professional will remain safe.

 As regards the costs of the structure, modular buildings in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia. etc., can normally be installed at a fraction of a cost of building on-site structures. One reason for this is the manufacturers of modular buildings receive orders at bulk and are thus able to offer easier prices to their customers. The builder will have to add the transportation costs to the cost of the structure, but even then modular structures remain a more cost-effective option. Moreover, even in case of on-site construction, the builders may oftentimes need to transport in certain materials from afar- something which again drums up the overall cost of the project. There is also no waste materials involved in case of modular structures, which again contributes to lower costs of the project. However, the biggest profit advantage with the builders is that they need to spend very little time on the project (and still earn the same kind of money), and can utilize this saved time on his other projects.

  The structures are delivered complete to the site and the builder will not need to hire any electricians, joiners, or wet trades for the installation. Moreover, there is no need to build too strong foundations for these structures, which again translates in saved money. Even when compared to a block-built structure, modular garages and storage sheds will have better structural integrity and higher levels of draughts and air tightness. Due to versatility in designs and styles, these modular garages are easy to integrate with different styles of new and existing homes and they can even be erected in places which are hard to get to.  

  Another big advantage to homeowners is the ability to modify the inside of their new build just as easily as with conventional construction. And unlike traditional garages and storage buildings is that many can be move or relocated at a later time. These are just some of the benefits of a modular garage that a building contractor can present to his clients. Moreover, most of these products will come with comprehensive a warranty, so even if a garage receives any damage at a later date, the builder will not need to spend any money out of his pocket for the repair. These modular structures are delivered to North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.


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Clean Stalls, Healthy Horses

Clean Stalls, Healthy Horses

Just as we humans do not enjoy living in dirty and unhealthy habitats and want our living quarters to be clean and dirt-free, similarly animals prefer clean, fresh and odor-free confines. An unclean stall makes for an ungainly environment and can prove to be hazardous to the health of the horses. The heavy ammonia odor from the animals’ feces and urine can lead to respiratory problems for them. The breathing problems may also occur from accumulation of dust particles from hay, mat, and bedding. Hay and fecal debris may also contaminate the water source, especially if it is not properly placed. Soiled floors or bedding, moreover, can lead to thrush and other hoof ailments.

Therefore, keeping your horse barn clean equals to helping your horses stay healthy and in good shape. No matter whether you use a modular horse barn or a built-in one, you must always take proper care to see that the stalls are clean, fresh, and the overall conditions are healthy for the animals. Proper barn ventilation is one important aspect here. Proper ventilation will take care of the unpleasant odors inside the stalls and will prevent excessive ammonia accumulation. If your barn has the facility of cross-ventilation such as if you can open the opposite doors or windows of the barn, you should always make good use of it. If one is planning to order a modular horse barn, cross-ventilating facilities is therefore one of the factors that an owner should keep in mind.

In regard to ventilation, it is also important to remember that even in winters, one should ventilate the stalls for some time daily. This is just as true for horse sheds or barns in states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, or Virginia. – places which may experience more or less harsh weather in the colder months. Unless there is a storm outside or the temperature is well below the freezing level, ventilate the barn daily and if necessary, put blankets over the animals.

The fact of cleanliness must also be borne in mind when one chooses the flooring material for the barn. No matter where your barn is located, for instance, at some place in Tennessee, or Virginia, or Georgia, or somewhere in North Carolina, or South Carolina, keep this in mind that the concrete is one of the poorest choices when it comes to barn floors. They do not drain well, are cold in the winter, and are hard on the animals’ hooves. Instead, try using something which will have a little give for the hooves. This is especially important if you are taking the horses out regularly for equestrian exercises. Equestrian workouts, for example, when you are taking them out for long riding sessions, are hard on the legs and the hooves of them, so a little give on the floor will make for extra comfort and help them relax easily. This is why stall mats, or clay/dirt floors are seen as a better choice than concrete. Mats are better preferred since one faces fewer cleaning hazards with the mats, whereas earthen floors can absorb urine odor and become muddy or dirty easily. Wood floors are also a good choice especially in terms of cleanliness of the barn. They facilitate better drainage as the urine can ooze down through the floor cracks, and wood floors are also easier to keep clean and dust-free. However, maintenance and repair of wood floors are costly– something the barn owners should consider before investing in wood flooring.

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Modular Barns and Garages: Profit Advantages for Building Contractors

Satisfy the customer, save time and increase profit. What if you could offer a garage, make extra profit and not use your time and resources?

Modular barns, garages and modular storage sheds come with their definite set of advantages both for the barn owners and the building contractors. As long as the farm in question has adequate site access, the modular barns can be assembled and installed in no more than two to three days. So, if time is a factor, a modular barn would be the most advantageous and cost-effective solution for a barn owner. The building contractors can also offer modular sheds at easier prices as compared to custom or full monitor barns. The modular sections are built in bulk and therefore cost much less in materials and construction. These allow the contractors to offer easy prices to customers.

Another benefit with these modular structures is that they can be used for any number of purposes- for example, raising livestock, storage, or as a garage, or even for residential purposes. This allows the contractors to create a larger base of customers and expand the range of services offered.

For example, if a contractor is building a house for a client and the latter also wants to build a barn or a garage, the contractor can complete the entire project on his own and would not need to hire a separate service of a subcontractor to finish the job. There is also very little labor costs involved in the installation of the barns. In case of built-on-site or stick built barns, or even for custom or monitor barns, it may take weeks or more to build the structure. On the other hand, installation of a modular shed calls for minimum labor requirements. The contractor can order a modular barn directly from a dealer or a manufacturer of this kind of barn models and a small crew will be able to perform the assembly job in a very short time.

However, the contractor will need to take into account the site preparation costs. Building or the assembly of a barn may often involve site preparation. For example, the rocky or uneven grounds will need to be adequately leveled before the installation. If one or more trees come in the way of the installation, they will need to be removed, too. These activities will increase the overall expense of the project, and the time required for the completion of the same. However, since this applies both to modular as well as stick built barns, the contractors may as well go for modular sheds as for the other kinds. However, since cranes will be used for the installation of the modular structures, the contractors will have to account for any overhead obstacle such as billboards, signs, power lines, etc. But generally one won’t need to spend any huge costs to work around these obstacles. On the other hand, site preparation for stick built barns may require more elaborate digging or leveling work, meaning increased expenses again.

One also thinks that he will have a very limited set of choices regarding designs and materials when it comes to modular or storage sheds. However, this is not necessarily true. Modular garages today come in a variety of styles and options. You get to choose the number of swing or siding doors you want, the width of the center aisle and the number of stalls (in case of modular horse barns), as well as the kind of exterior finish you want for your barn.  Same is true with garages. The building contractors benefit by time on site, less site preparation and cost.  Consider the idea of modular barns and the benefits they bring.

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Georgia Horse Barns and Storage Sheds and Winter Preparation

When looking to prepare modular horse barns and storage sheds for the coming winter months, one should pay foremost attention to the following things:
• Winterizing the water system for the barn
• Keeping the shed and barn draft-free and well-insulated
• Storing adequate supplies of hay and feed for the horses

Most regions in Georgia do not experience severe winters. However, some places in the northern part of the state, and especially those located on the foothills, do record heavy rain and snowfall in winter. However, no matter what part of the state one is living in, one should do the proper prep work to sufficiently protect the barn, the shed, and the horses from any kind of inclement weather?

When it comes to a horse barn, or modular horse barns, if you are living south of the state, you may not have to invest in heated water tanks or expensive heating units to prepare for the cold months. However, those living in northern Georgia, where areas can experience snow and rain, may need adequate and elaborate preparation for the winter.

The very first thing you should do is to stock up on adequate supplies of hay and feed for the winter. One should also make sure that one is using mouse-proof feed storage. Mo matter whether we are talking modular horse barn or storage sheds, it is necessary to keep the structures free of the rodents. As the weather gets colder, the rodents have a tendency to invade the sheds and they can carry fatal disease for horses and can cause damage to storage equipment. Using pest control is a good idea to keep the rodents at bay during the colder months.

One should also caulk up all drafts in walls and the windows. In places where the winter is harsh, one may also put rubber strips on the floor over the gravel or the stone dust to keep the horses warm. Whether or not you will need to use blankets for the horses again depends on the place the barn is situated. The natural coats of the horses grow long and thick as the outside temperature dips. So, they do not suffer so much from cold as we humans do. A blanket might be necessary if you are taking them out at night. Otherwise, use blankets only if the winter is really cold.

Ventilation is another thing to pay attention to. It is okay to keep all windows and doors shut for a storage shed. However, in case of a horse barn, one should normally provide for some passage for fresh air to pass through. Otherwise, the horses stand the risk of suffering from respiratory ailments.

Finally, you should properly winterize the water system for the barns. Wrap-around insulation is often very effective for insulating above-ground piping. To keep the water buckets from freezing overnight, one can use heating components that can be attached to the side of the buckets. As for sheds and the storage, weather stripping the doors of the sheds is often a good idea. Ensuring that the electrical wiring and equipment for the barns and the sheds are in proper order should also be on the list of your prep work.

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Popular Horse Breeds in Tennessee

There’s something that is intricately fascinating with all the different Tennessee horses. Maybe it’s tied to their culture and rich history as much as they are to their provenance. Of course no other breed stands out than one which claims an entire state’s name as its own. The world renowned Tennessee Walking Horse which traces its origins in Virginia, stands majestically and strides at the forefront of all the others. Historically, its gait and movement is like silk flowing through the Tennessee farmlands and eventually captivating countless thousands with its regal appearance. Today it is a recreational horse that endears many beginner horse riders with its amiable and patient demeanor. Most of all, its most striking characteristic is the relative comfort of the ride it provides. Proud with an average height of 13 HH to 17 HH, some can be as heavy as 1200 pounds. So when getting modular horse barns for this breed, choose wisely as their space requirements could be quite significant.

Many Tennessee horse barns are also filled with the Saddlebred breed. With regards to height, they are as tall as their Tennessee Walking Horse counterparts averaging about 15 HH to 16 HH and weigh as much as 1200 pounds too. Their foundation is also rich dating back to the late 1800s where they are mostly known as the proud mounts of officers during the Civil War. It has the distinction of being called the “world’s most beautiful horse” most likely because of its long arched neck. The breed has figured in several Hollywood movies. Likewise, choose spacious modular horse barns for this very popular breed.

Of course no list of popular breeds in Tennessee would be complete without the ever famous Mustang. Free spirited and powerful, it is one of the few horses that are distinguished as feral. That is, they have once been domesticated but have broken free and run wild. Now you may be asking, “If they’re feral, how come they’re popular?” These particularly exceptional horses are under the care of the US Bureau of Land Management where they are sometimes offered for adoption. Go to numerous horse related trading websites and you will find that they are indeed one of the most sought after breeds not just in Tennessee but in Western America. With that said, it would be a challenging endeavor to see a Mustang inside delivered modular barns.

Among the more notable and very much sought after Tennessee horses is one of the oldest breeds, the Arabian. Not quite as tall as their Tennessean counterparts, their lineage is remarkable for their flexibility and endurance. In fact, documents show that their origin in the Arabian Peninsula was borne not just out of necessity but of pride and respect. They were so prized that it was fairly common for families back then to keep these horses inside the tents of their masters so they won’t be stolen. Fast forward to today and they have the distinction of being one of the more amiable breeds. So much so that it is fairly common to find one in many Tennessee horse barns. Standing at an average of 14.1 HH to 15.1 HH, this breed should be easy to get inside delivered modular barns.

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