Designing Your Own Modular Barn; Its Easier Than You Think

Part of the fun of designing a modular barn is the ability to put your own stamp on it.  After all, you select the horse you want based on factors ranging from why you want one in the first place, to the chemistry you feel with that particular animal, so why should you be forced to have a cookie cutter barn or shed row barn in which to house your equine family?  Modular barns come in all shapes and sizes of course, and what might work for you, might not appeal to your neighbor at all.  But that’s the whole point.  Instead of spending a lot of money hiring a builder and purchasing all the lumber and supplies, you could have a modular barn, designed to your specifications, delivered to your property and set up by a professionals anywhere you want it to be. You get to decide how many stalls it has, what color to paint it, if it has a loft, or an office, how many stalls, or if you need to include a tack room.

 Barns are enchanting.  If they weren’t, there wouldn’t be an entire subculture devoted to calendars, coffee table books, paintings, advertising, and literature about barns of all kinds.   Where would half the reality TV shows be today if it weren’t for some barn fresh treasure found under a pile of burlap sacks that turned out to be worth a small fortune? From dark corners hiding the promise of some secret stash, to light filled hay lofts and the soft mewl of a new litter of kittens,  barns command the imagination in ways that go back hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of years.  Wouldn’t it be great to put that imagination to work building the modular barn of your dreams, one that puts you in charge and lets you work with a group of professionals who can guide you through the process of making your dreams a reality?

 Say you have just a few acres and you want to get a pony for the kids, a goat or two, and some chickens.  You don’t need a giant barn because you aren’t going to use all the space.  But what if you have plans to expand your stables to board horses for other people to help bring in some cash? The ability to add or move shed row barns and run in sheds to various places on your property would be invaluable.  If you plan to develop a breeding program, you’ll need a place for foaling; if your desire is to be more self sufficient by raising farm animals and growing your own crops to put food on the table, you have the ability to customize a barn that will allow you to store tools and equipment for your garden, and a provide shelter for your livestock.

 No matter how you look at it, barns provide for a range of needs, not the least of which is the chance to be flexible with respect to where you put them, how you use them and what memories they help you build with your family.  Who would have thought that a modular barn could do all that?

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