She Shed: The Ladies Need a Cool Place to Hang Out, Too!

She Sheds

Step aside, Man Cave. Make room for today’s Hottest trend in personal space, the She Shed!

Step aside, Man Cave. Make room for today’s hottest trend in personal space, the She Shed! For years, men have had their domains of manly high-fiving and beer belching (come on, you know it’s true) while watching games with buddies. But now women are demanding a place to hang out with their friends as well. The only difference is how they decorate it. And they don’t belch. A She Shed is a way to escape the week’s stress, a little retreat without the inconvenience of having to pack sixteen suitcases or schedule an expensive reservation. How is this possible?

By turning what might look like an ordinary storage shed into a personal space just for ladies. Carolina Storage Solutions is very excited to be able to offer an incredible selection of storage sheds that can be custom-designed to fit your taste and needs. The styles and color schemes alone are sure to excite you, but when you see the many other options available, your new She Shed will really come to life! We can set you up with an electrical package, so you can watch chick flicks with your friends on a television big enough to be the envy of any man. How about a little porch area in the front, where you can sit back and enjoy cool summer evenings? We can do that. Do you want hinged, double doors in the front and windows, too, so you can enjoy the view from inside? No problem. Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen for you.

But is all this expensive, you ask? Actually, storage sheds are remarkable affordable, especially when compared to the thousands of dollars building an addition to your existing house would cost. Not to mention building permits, which are not required for storage sheds. Plus, we offer a great rent-to-own plan that will help you get your gorgeous She Shed while being easy on the monthly budget. Call us today to find out more information on how to can get your own She Shed retreat!

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