Storage Solution: Changing Room for Poolside Fun

Storage barn as a pool changing shed

Storage barn as a pool changing shed

These warmer days with the closing of spring make everyone long for the days of summer where you can have friends over for a little pool time fun. You’ve got a problem, though. Once your friends and their children arrive, plus few neighborhood kids who always manage to show up for every social event, everyone needs a place to change into their swim suits. Later, everyone needs to change back into dry clothes. They use your house, which is inconvenient for everyone, especially you, cleaning up wet floors and picking up sixteen sopping towels per person. Okay, maybe not that many, but it sure seems like it. Having friends over is great. The clean-up afterwards, not so much.

Now envision this: a building near your pool that has a place to store pool maintenance supplies, pool floats and toys, folding lawn chairs, clean towels. It has a changing room for privacy and even a small restroom, which will keep wet feet out of your house. And it even has a place for a washer and dryer, if you heart desires it.

You can have this incredible addition to your summer pool days delivered and set up in no time, and at an affordable price. Our selection of storage solutions go way beyond the traditional uses for sheds and are limited only by your imagination. If you can dream it, we can help turn it into reality. We can tailor your new poolside changing room into the useful, organized and beautiful building that you need. With our customizable options and easy delivery system, we take the worry and stress out of installation. We also offer rent-to-own, a convenient way to own your new poolside changing room without breaking the monthly budget. Come check out our selection of buildings today and make this summer’s poolside fun the best ever!

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